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I’ll start with the easy stuff – I thoroughly recommend Alison and her team to help with your self-employment and tax responsibilities. In a single year, I received a weird payout from, my old employer, finished that employment, was self-employed, and then found a new role. I opted for QuickBooks for my own simplicity and being a sucker for their advertising – but knew that the tax return was going to be tough. So I started working with Alison and it was as though she could read my mind… Not only did she help me gather all the paperwork I needed, but she also preempted a couple of glitches and – even though in the midst of the Corona chaos – kept me up to date with the progress of my tax returns. For Alison and her team, my return is probably pretty simple, but it would have been too much for me. So huge thumbs up and if you want to reach out to me for more of a recommendation, I’m happy to help.